After graduating from the BA Design course at Goldsmiths University, I had the opportunity to intern at the UK advertising agency, WE ARE SOCIAL. During my four-month tenure in their Beijing office, I assisted with the design and campaigns of brands including LAVAZZA Coffee, Tourism Canada, Bank of Singapore, Acer, and Buttons headphones. From there, I gained insight into the creative industry and decided to venture into this field.

"Qinru is one of our fastest-learning interns and exceptionally delightful to work with. We are very pleased to have her as part of the team.” --- Luke, head designer


My keen interest in graphic design led me to pursue further education. From September 2022 to October 2023, I completed my MA in Graphic Design at Kingston University. Through this program, I gained systematic knowledge of graphic design and engaging in more experimental projects.

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In addition to my university studies, I have also participated in more commercial projects. I do freelance and volunteer works for creative campaigns, illustrations, and branding for communities and individuals in both China and the UK.

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Seething Dumpling Festival
Creative Campaign / Branding

( )pen Show
Exhibition Design

Un Coup

Bailey Book

Mirror Mirror 798
Creative Campaign

Monster Pop-up Market
Animation/ Illustration/ Poster Design

Conference Poster
Poster Design/ Infographics

Summer Jam
Album Cover Design/ Illustration