The Seething Dumpling Festival


Community Brain is a local organisation based in Surbiton, London. Over the past 15 years, they have orchestrated a variety of events, infusing the community with boundless energy and joy. In 2023, the community made a decision to celebrate diversity through the universal language of food, with dumplings as the main theme.


Inspired by the process of making dumplings, where dough is used to bring diverse ingredients together, we conceived the concept of "dumpling" as a verb. To "dumple" means to unite a group of individuals in one place, transcending cultural and social differences, and forming a vibrant and inclusive community.

+ Visual Identity

We wanted to convey the dough of a dumpling and use a feature typeface as a playful element to the visual identity. The arrows work as a visual tool to communicate the idea of coming together, and can be used as an instructional device for different ways of making.

+ Social Media

I also took the reins in crafting dynamic motion designs for social media posts, generating excitement and anticipation for the festival's grand reveal.

+ Creative Campaign

To enhance participation in the festival, we've crafted an innovative campaign: a giant dumpling cookbook inviting everyone to pen down their unique dumpling tales. Inside this oversized cookbook, we've curated nearly a hundred recipe cards, each brimming with residents' vibrant memories, captivating anecdotes, and contagious laughter.

Project Credits:
Creative Director/ Motion Design: Qinru He
Identity Design: Emily Foster
Video Editing: Marie Gollhofer