( )pen Show

( ) Intro

This is the MA Graphic Design final show of Kingston University in 2023. The exhibition, themed 'open,' brings together the exploration results of young designers from around the world over the past year, showcasing cutting-edge research, innovative experiments, and inclusive design. 

Open could be open-ness, Open could be open-ended, Open could be open-questions. Be open.

( ) My role

I had the honor of serving as the curator for this exhibition, overseeing wayfinding design and speech planning and hosting.



+ Visual Identity 

+ Wayfinding Design

+ Talk/Event

Conventional and Experimental

As part of the graduation exhibition of 2023 Kingston University MA Graphic Design course, the challenge of “finding a job” is what most students are facing.

By inviting two new graphic designers and two graduating design students, we are having views from both context. We aim to bring a diverse, open, yet professional and practical discussion through the discussion of specific design cases, both academic and commercial, to show the design approach in different environments.

Break the Space:
Process Sharing on Graduation Show

Break means "break-through."

Join us to witness the remarkable 'breaking-through moments' these students experienced during their design research journeys. They will share valuable insights and discoveries, often more exciting than the final outcome itself.

Break means "break-down."

In the pursuit of their projects, these graduates have encountered moments of failure and setbacks. These challenging times, though tough, have been the catalyst for fresh ideas and opportunities. Embracing these failures is a crucial part of every designer's path. Prepare to hear their candid accounts of these breakdown moments.

Break means "break the wall."

The designers will be there in person. They would love to have a chat with you! Perhaps you'll find like-minded individuals or even potential collaborators.