Mirror Mirror 798


This is a creative campaign designed for Beijing 798 Art District, one of the largest art districts in China. Innovative solutions have been devised to inject new vitality into the district's artistic ecosystem. By engaging with local residents and employing multimedia strategies, historical elements have been revitalised, enriching the district's appeal and reaching a wider audience.


The 798 Art District boasts a unique history, once being home to one of China's largest electronic component factories. However, there is a noticeable disconnect between the former factory workers and the current art community, with younger visitors often unaware of this historical background. Bridging this gap and creating connections with both groups serves as the cornerstone of this project.

+ Visual Identity

The poster utilises transparent printing techniques, symbolising not only the historical memories embedded in this location but also fostering interaction with the current streetscape and passersby.

+ Filter Design

Filters, as a medium, possess the power to effectively connect with young people while visually enhancing reality. The format itself optimizes the narrative and time frame, enabling the audience to transition from being mere "spectators" to active "participants," "performers," and ultimately, thoughtful "reflectors" throughout the participatory process.

+ Feedback

“I have heard of this history, but I don't know much about it. Participating in this event gives me a feeling of "travelling back in time", and I can imagine what it would have been like if I had been born a few decades earlier!”

“The stories were fascinating, somewhat similar to those of my grandparents, and made me think that the stories of these people around me are indeed part of history as well.”

“Few people ask about the stories of that year anymore, decades fly by, how happy we used to be in the factory, and now it's time to sit here enjoying the sun.”