In early 2023, I am collaborating with two fellow classmates from the MA program to present a local annual community festival in partnership with Community Brain.

This year, the community made a decision to celebrate diversity through the universal language of food, with dumplings as the main theme. Inspired by the process of making dumplings, where dough is used to bring diverse ingredients together, we conceived the concept of "dumpling" as a verb. To "dumple" means to unite a group of individuals in one place, transcending cultural and social differences, and forming a vibrant and inclusive community.

Inspired by our core concept, we created captivating designs, including a visual identity, dumpling passport and engaging activities. Working alongside my teammates, we embarked on a thrilling wood workshop adventure, where we brought to life a remarkable giant receipt book. This unique creation served as a gathering place for sharing community recipes, fostering a sense of togetherness.

Within the pages of this giant receipt book, we have gathered a treasure trove of nearly a hundred receipt cards, each one bearing witness to the residents' vivid memories, captivating stories, and infectious laughter.  Additionally, I took the reins in crafting dynamic motion designs for social media posts, generating excitement and anticipation for the festival's grand reveal.